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The world is looking at India as an investment destination. Be a part of the Indian growth story even while you are away. Invest in India with Arihant - India's leading stock broking company that offers customised investment solution and client-centric advice and services.

Whether you are a non-resident Indian (NRI) or an international investor (FPI), Arihant has the experience and expertise to help you with your Indian market investment. We understand that NRIs and FPI from across the globe have additional aspects when it comes to investing in India. The India asset allocation, portfolio investment scheme, tax treatment and repatriation are just some of the additional factors that we look into on your behalf.

  • Tailored service for international investors: NRI and FPI
  • Secure easy-to-use online tools and resources
  • Power trading platforms - online and mobile
  • Proven research to help you make the right investment decisions
  • Personalised solutions and service taking your needs into consideration

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Category-III FPI shall include a person who:

  • Is not resident in India (includes Corporate Bodies, Trusts, Individuals, Family Offices, etc)
  • Is resident of eligible countries
  • Is not an NRI
  • Is legally permitted to invest in securities outside his country
  • Has sufficient experience, good track record, is professionally competent, financially sound, generally good reputation of fairness and integrity


Citizen of India who is residing outside India for:

  • Taking up employment outside India
  • Carrying out business or vocation outside India that indicates his intention to stay outside India for an uncertain period

Citizen of any country other than Pakistan or Bangladesh and:

  • He has held Indian passport anytime
  • He or his parents/ grandparents were citizens of India
  • Spouse of Indian citizen or of persons above

How to Get Started?

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)

Start investing in India in 4 easy steps:

  • step


    Open NRE savings bank account & get PIS approval
  • step


    Download and fill in Arihant Account Opening Application Form
  • step


    Submit completed forms with requisite documents to us
  • step


    Receive our Welcome Kit and get started

International Investors (FPI Individuals)

International investors can now directly invest in Indian markets through the recently formed category of foreign portfolio investors. To start investing in India you have to:

  • step


    Get a Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  • step


    Open an account with designated depository participant (DDP)
  • step


    Open an INR-FX Indian bank account
  • step


    Open a trading account with Arihant & start investing

Eligible Securities:

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    Equities NRI,FPI
  • icon
  • icon
    Derivatives NRI, FPI
  • icon
  • icon
    Mutual Funds and ETFsNRI, FPI

**Specified bonds are eligible for NRIs and/or FPIs. Please check with Arihant advisor before investing in bonds


Why Arihant?

Striving to give investors a better investing experience is precisely why we're here. With an array of investment products and services, Arihant is best positioned to help you reach your financial goals.

Your trusted advisor

At Arihant our goal is to help you reach your financial goals. With Arihant as your trusted financial advisor, you can be assured about complete transparency and integrity in all your transactions. Our advisors help you at every step of your investment process, always offering you objective advice.
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Robust Trading Platforms

With Arihant's powerful online trading platforms - Ari-Speed, investEase and Ari-Pro, you can trade in equities, derivatives, mutual funds all through a single platform from your desktop. Our simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface will give you a whole new level of trading experience you've never seen before.
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Seamless trading

Enjoy seamless trading experience with your integrated trading and demat account with Online Payment Gateway for hassle-free paperless trading from any part of the world with complete ease. No more writing cheques or transaction slips anymore.
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Excellent Service

As a preferred client you get your own investment advisor who will assist you with all your investment needs. We make working from different countries and time zones easier for you by offering you a Video Callnew service wherein our advisor will stay in touch with you through VC or through email, WhatsApp or phone - whatever is convenient for you.
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Arihant Payment Gateway

Online transfer and receipt of funds smoothly between your bank account to Arihant through Arihant Payment Gateway which has tie-up with over 25 banks in India.
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Mobile Trading

With Ari-Mobile App, stay in control of your trading when you are on the move. Get real-time quotes and trade on your smart phone and tablets.
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Research at Your Fingertips

Get access to a wide range of research resources and tools to help you make right investment decisions. Our proven research track record will ensure you stay on top of your investments!
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Indian securities markets are well-established and well-regulated with abundant financial data, the Indian market reporting and information makes it highly transparent. Transaction volume, market capitalization, and the sheer number of listed companies coupled with India's growth story make India a unique investment opportunity for foreign investors.


Equity Daily Commentary Report offers the latest in-depth Indian market news as well as stock market insight and commentary.


Company, sector, thematic, fundamental, technical get everything to help you succeed.


  • FPI Regulations
  • NRI Regulations


A well established and well-regulated market with abundant financial data, the Indian market reporting and information make it highly transparent. Transaction volume, market capitalization, and the sheer number of listed companies coupled with India's growth story make India a unique investment opportunity for foreign investors.


Portfolio Investment Scheme or PIS is a scheme of Reserve Bank of India that enables NRIs and OCBs to purchase and sell shares and convertible debentures of Indian companies on a recognized stock exchange by routing all such purchase/sale transactions through their NRI Savings Account with a designated bank branch. For this purpose, the NRI/PIO has to apply to a designated branch of a bank, which deals in Portfolio Investment.

As an NRI client, you have a dedicated Advisor who is your one point of contact. (S)He will provide you all the help and assistance you need to make investments, whether directly in equities or through our HNI services. We also offer a one-on-one video chat service to all our offshore clients so you can stay on top of your investments and get the advice you need no matter which part of the world you are in.

We have online trading facility and online access to all your statement and accounts, so that you can place your trades or check your account - anytime anywhere.

Being an NRI, you need to provide the following documents to open an account with us along with the client registration form:

i. PAN CARD (compulsory)

ii. Address proof of India (bank passbook/ passport / driving license, electricity/telephone bill)

iii. Address proof of your foreign address (Driving License/ Foreign passport /Utility Bills/ Bank statement not more than 2 months old/ Notarized copy of rent agreement/ leave & license agreement/ Sale deed)

iv. Bank Proof: Bank Verification letter indicating type of account as NRI/NRE/NRO and Bank Statement

v. Document ensuring status of entity
- In case of Indian passport - Valid passport, Place of birth as India, Valid Visa - Work/Student/employment/resident permit etc.
- In case of foreign passport- Valid passport and any of the following: (a) Place of Birth as India in foreign passport (b) Copy of PIO / OCI Card as applicable in case of PIO/OCI

vi. Power of attorney as per format

vii. Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) permission from the respective designated bank

viii. Proof of depository accounts

ix. 2 Passport size photographs

NRIs can invest in

  • Equities under PIS
  • Preference shares, Convertible Preferences shares and Convertible debentures of an Indian company
  • Derivatives
  • IPO Investment
  • Mutual Funds (including ETFs)
  • Bonds issued by PSUs
  • Units of UTI, Central and State Government securities (other than bearer securities) and National Plan/ Savings Certificates

For further details please email us at

i. PAN CARD (compulsory)


The following category of investors are eligible to register as FPIs:

Category I – Government and Government related investors such as Central Banks, Governmental agencies, sovereign wealth funds, international/ multilateral organisations/ agencies.

Category II – This category shall include:

  • Appropriately regulated broad based funds such as mutual funds, investment trusts, insurance/ reinsurance companies,
  • Appropriately regulated persons such as banks, asset management companies, investment managers/ advisors, etc,
  • Broad based funds that are not appropriately regulated whose investment manager is appropriately regulated,
  • University funds and pension funds, and
  • University related endowments already registered with SEBI as FII/ sub-account.

The investment manager(s) of unregulated broad based funds should first register themselves as Category II FPI and must undertake that they shall be responsible and liable for all acts of commission and omission of all its underlying broad based funds and other deeds and things done by such broad based funds under these regulations.

Category III –All other FPIs not eligible under category I and II such as endowments, charitable societies/ trust, foundations, corporate bodies, trusts, individuals, family offices, etc.

No. FPIs would not require direct registration from SEBI and they would be henceforth subject to registration being granted by a designated depository participant (DDP) on behalf of SEBI.

FPI registration charges are as under:

  • Category I FPIs are exempt from payment of registration fees.
  • A registration fee of USD 3,000 for Category II and USD 300 for Category III is payable by FPIs respectively for a block of three years.

FPIs are permitted to transact only in the following:

a. Securities in the primary and secondary markets including shares, debentures and warrants of companies, listed or to be listed on a recognised stock exchange in India

b. Units of schemes floated by domestic mutual funds, whether listed on a recognised stock exchange or not

c. Units of schemes floated by a collective investment scheme

d. Derivatives traded on a recognised stock exchange

e. Treasury bills and dated government securities

f. Commercial papers issued by an Indian company

g. Rupee denominated credit enhanced bonds

h. Security receipts issued by asset reconstruction companies

i. Perpetual debt instruments and debt capital instruments, as specified by the RBI

j. Listed and unlisted non-convertible debentures/ bonds issued by an Indian company in the infrastructure sector, where 'infrastructure' is defined in terms of the extant External Commercial Borrowings guidelines

k. Non-convertible debentures or bonds issued by Non-Banking Financial Companies categorised as 'Infrastructure Finance Companies' by the RBI

l. Rupee denominated bonds or units issued by infrastructure debt funds

m. Indian depository receipts

n. Such other instruments specified by SEBI from time to time.

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